Behavioral Health Services and Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

A brighter, healthier tomorrow is always possible. Wheeler's behavioral health services and treatment for substance use disorders can help you address your unique challenges and achieve health, recovery, and growth at every stage of life.

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Outpatient behavioral health services and treatment for substance use disorders are offered at:

Our caring, professional team works closely with you to address a broad array of challenges, including addiction, depression, anxiety, marital difficulties and serious mental illness. We also provide support for special needs, including anger management, substance use disorders, gambling addiction and more. Our services are LGBTQIA-responsive, and we offer several specific LGBTQIA-focused services as well.

Wheeler provides integrated primary care and behavioral health and treatment for substance use disorders across the lifespan and offers primary and dental care services at its Family Health & Wellness Centers to ensure whole-person health.

Outpatient Services

In-Home Services for Commercially Insured

Other Services

Recovery is always possible.

Read more about how our patients are tackling opioid and alcohol addiction through medication-assisted treatment for addiction. The stories are real, and so is their hope.

  • Jaie is ready to go back to school and begin a career in addiction recovery and treatment.
  • Alicia is two classes away from getting her degree, which will help her whole family.
  • Santos now owns a small business and is starting a better chapter of life as a new dad.
  • Robert is working again, and for the first time in a long time, says he can "walk the earth and be accepted for what I am."

Did you know you can voluntarily request that your prescribing practitioners not prescribe opioid medications for your conditions? Click here to download a Voluntary Non-Opioid Directive Form.

Outpatient Services

Adult Outpatient Recovery Services for Addiction and Behavioral Health Challenges
Individual, group and family therapy to address problems associated with addiction, depression, anxiety, anger management, grief and loss, and other behavioral health issues. Medicaid, commercial insurance or third-party payer accepted.
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Medication-Assisted Treatment for Addiction
Offered to adults as part of comprehensive treatment for opioid and alcohol addiction, as part of Wheeler's Center of Excellence in Addiction. Available in four locations in central Connecticut. An initial clinical evaluation is available without an appointment.
Medicaid, commercial insurance or third-party payer accepted.
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Bettor Choice Gambling Treatment Program
An outpatient program that serves problem gamblers and those affected by the gambling problem of a loved one. Medicaid, commercial insurance or third-party payer accepted.
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Care Management
Supports adults with complex health care needs and mental health concerns to improve their overall health outcomes and promote wellness. Medicaid, commercial insurance or third-party payer accepted.
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LifeLine supports women and their children experiencing substance use and psychiatric disorders as they progress through their recovery.
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A PROUD Path to Recovery 
PROUD serves expectant women and postpartum mothers with a child under the age of one who have active substance use concerns, or a substance use history, including opioid use, or a related disorder. Recovery coaching, prenatal health and parenting education, and additional support and linkages to community and social services are offered, as well as substance use, physical and mental health assessments, and education and referrals for participants, their children and other family members, including spouses, who often have substance use disorders.
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Youth and Family Tree 
For teens and young adults, finding the path to a healthy, happy life can be challenging, even amid the most optimal circumstances. For young people with struggling substance use or other life challenges—particularly as they are transitioning to adulthood—finding that path can prove to be even more difficult. Wheeler’s Youth and Family TREE program can help by supporting teens and young adults, ages 16 to 25, and their families, as well as community providers who care for them. Our goal is to assist teens and young adults in getting connected to treatment and linking them with needed resources in order to stay connected to treatment.
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In-Home Services for Commercially Insured

Intensive In-home Behavioral Health Services
Innovative in-home service that serves children, adolescents and young adults, ages 3 to 24, with acute psychiatric and/or co-occurring challenges. Medicaid, commercial insurance or third-party payer accepted.
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Download a Referral Form - NOTE: Submitting a referral does not ensure an immediate intake date. Please call 860-793-4413 to confirm that the referral was received and to determine a timeline for services.

Other Services For Adults

Latino Outreach Program
Identifies and supports monolingual Spanish-speaking men and women who are at risk for substance use disorders. Servicios diseñados para identificar y apoyar a los hombres y las mujeres de habla hispana, monolingües, a riesgo de abusar sustancias. Medicaid, commercial insurance or third-party payer accepted.
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Older Adults Substance Abuse Recovery Program
Offers counseling and other services for people 60 and older. Medicaid, commercial insurance or third-party payer accepted.
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Senior Outreach and Engagement Program
Wheeler Clinic’s Senior Outreach and Engagement Program (SOEP) provides outreach, education, assessment, case management, and referral services for older adults (age 55+) living in the North Central Connecticut cities and towns within DMHAS Region 4. The program serves older adults who are isolated and have mental health and/or substance use disorders or concerns. (learn more)

Transitional Case Management

Helps men with substance use disorders to transition back to the community following a period of incarceration. All referrals to this program come through the Connecticut Department of Correction only. Individuals may not self-refer. Medicaid, commercial insurance or third-party payer accepted.

In accordance with Wheeler policy, a sliding fee scale system is in place to adjust costs based on a patient’s ability to pay.

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