Wheeler's Education Services

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Our services include a therapeutic day school, Northwest Village School, which offers an innovative learning environment. We also offer in-district solutions and multidisciplinary evaluation services that foster collaborative relationships with schools, community providers and families to meet the unique educational needs of students. Our comprehensive, individualized and relationally-based programming, along with our nurturing, highly trained and committed staff, are what separate Wheeler’s Education Services from other providers in Connecticut.

“They have all worked with an open heart and mind to recognize and counsel him through his issues. They are there for all of the students.”

-Parent perspective on Wheeler’s Education Services Team

Welcoming those who may have had limited past success in school, Wheeler’s staff are focused on positive outcomes for students in and out of the classroom and work closely with families and districts to ensure that the individualized needs of each student are met. Our staff focus on helping students achieve academic success, as well as effectively manage their emotions, build positive relationships and meet their clinical goals. As a result, our students feel connected, motivated and understood.

Our schools provide a supportive academic experience that follows Connecticut's Common Core State Standards. We engage students in academics through an innovative co-teacher model that brings special education and regular education teachers together to provide engaging and individualized instruction, as well as through the use of state-of-the-art technology and the support of our multi-disciplinary team.

Our comprehensive clinical services are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the program and are provided by our highly trained teachers, psychotherapists, literary specialists, psychiatric nurses, speech and language pathologists, and occupational therapists.

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