Youth Justice Services

Every child and adolescent deserves the opportunity to live a healthy, productive life. We provide supports and services to help court-involved youth overcome challenges and remain safely in your community. We offer evaluation and assessment services; intensive in-home therapy as well as services that address substance abuse issues and help youth transition back to the community from other settings. Most of our services require referrals from the court or through state systems.

Child, Youth and Family Support Center (CYFSC)
Serves court-involved youth, ages 12-17, and provides comprehensive assessment of youth and family needs and a menu of interventions, including skill-building groups, educational advocacy, vocational and life skills development, parent support, family mediation, case management and referral services.
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Intensive In-Home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services (IICAPS)
A time-limited in-home stabilization service for children and adolescents with serious emotional disorders. Individuals and families may self-refer, and referrals are also accepted from schools, community and State systems. Referrals also accepted from the community. Medicaid, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield , or third-party payer.
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Intermediate Evaluation (IE)
Serves youth, ages 11-19, referred by the courts or by the Department of Children and Families and includes integrated, comprehensive, multidisciplinary strength-based assessment.
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Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT)
An innovative, intensive in-home service for youth ages 9-18 with substance abuse issues, oppositional behaviors and family conflict. Serves adolescents and their families. Individuals and families may self-refer, and referrals are also accepted from schools, community and State systems. Medicaid, commercial insurance accepted. Treatment provided regardless of an individual's ability to pay.
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Multidimensional Family Therapy – Reentry and Family Treatment (RAFT)
Assists high-risk youth, ages 9-18, in transitioning back to their communities following a period of incarceration or placement.
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Multisystemic Therapy- Family Integrated Transitions (MST-FIT)
Provides youth ages 12 to 17- ½ and their families with tools to successfully navigate the critical transition period following their incarceration.
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