Parenting Education Program

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Wheeler Clinic’s Parenting Education Program (PEP) is designed for parents with active divorce, separation or custody cases in the Family Division of the Connecticut court system. The program educates parents about the many issues children face when the structure of the family changes. Wheeler Clinic has provided PEP services since the courts launched the program in 1995, serving more than 5,000 individuals.

The program consists of two, three-hour sessions. Session I helps parents develop effective co-parenting skills during each of the child’s developmental stages. Session II emphasizes problem-solving skills, planning parenting time and strategies for encouraging resilience in their child or children. Each session incorporates exercises and discussions designed to help parents practice effective co-parenting skills.

Since its inception, this program has:

  • Decreased the negative impact that divorce, separation and conflict can have on children
  • Increased parents’ ability to effectively co-parent
  • Helped parents build conflict resolution and co-parenting skills

The program is offered in Plainville and Waterbury. Individuals in this program are court-referred.

Payment Options
Fee is $150, payable by cash or money order, and is to be paid in advance of
the program.

334 Farmington Avenue
Plainville, CT 06062

326 Highland Avenue
Waterbury, CT 06105

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