Invest In Wellness For All

Your investment in our Family Health & Wellness Centers helps provide more of Connecticut with available, accessible, effective care, directly impacting health outcomes.

INVEST IN IMPACT: Integrated services for Bristol individuals  
and families

Our new center at One Hope Street will ensure that all Wheeler services are located in one building, providing a better patient experience and for an array of on-site services and reach for at-risk community members who have limited access to care. We know, for instance, that nutrition is vital to overall health and reducing chronic disease, and we know that ensuring families have accessible care improves health outcomes for the whole family.

Bristol was Wheeler’s first community health center site in 2013, and today we serve thousands of Bristol residents at our centers, as well as students in every Bristol Public School. The future is bright in Bristol, and we’re committed to a more equitable, healthier future for everyone in the city!




INVEST IN IMPACT: Keep New Britain families healthier

Our new Family Health & Wellness Center at 40 Hart Street in New Britain serves one of Connecticut’s poorest communities.  Wheeler has provided care to the Hardware City since 1991, and this expansion brings a new, fully integrated, expanded continuum of care, including OB-GYN services, pediatrics, and behavioral health for all ages.

  • The service area is a mental health, primary care, and dental Health Professional Shortage Area and includes federally designated medically underserved populations.
  • Only 48.84% of the low-income population in the city are currently connected to a health center. That means that 23,704 people in the community don’t currently have access to care.
  • Only 35% of New Britain households had adequate income, compared to 60% statewide.
  • Chronic disease is prevalent in the city, varying widely by zip codes, indicating a dramatic level of health disparities among residents:
    • Diabetes (7.8%–14.1%)
    • High blood pressure (21.8%–43.9%)
    • Obesity (21.8%–29.5%)

Wheeler will expand services in New Britain, and your investment provides equipment, programming, and innovative “seed funding” for our staff to create new approaches to address chronic health disparities.

  • Pediatrics
  • OB-GYN
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment for addiction
  • Behavioral health for all ages

INVEST IN IMPACT: Reduce social inequity in Hartford

Our flagship community health center, the Susan Walkama Family Health & Wellness Center, serves the capital city with fully integrated on-site primary and behavioral health care, family dental, complementary medicine, and more. Priorities for growth include expanding our community health workers, Wheeler staff who live and work in the community, connecting residents to services and opportunities that help them live better, healthier lives.

INVEST IN IMPACT: Better medical care in Plainville

Wheeler’s 91 Northwest Drive location is both our original site and our newest community health center, and we are expanding services on-site to offer primary care, addiction treatment, and more for our behavioral health programs that have operated at Northwest Drive since 1972. Your investment ensures that our patients, and students at Northwest Village School (located on-site), have convenient access to a full continuum of care.

INVEST IN IMPACT: Total wellness in Waterbury

Wheeler’s newly expanded community health center in Waterbury opened in the middle of the pandemic in 2020, immediately recognizing the significant unmet need in the Brass City, particularly for medically underserved populations and families. Our vision for expanding in Waterbury includes new nutrition programming, complementary medicine like chiropractic care, and more.

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