Nutrition Services

Wheeler’s Family Health & Wellness Center team is helping patients to take charge of their physical and mental health by understanding the role that food plays in overall health and helping patients to learn about—and practice—good eating habits.

Meet Your Nutritionist

Jessica Masterson, RDN, CDN, CDCES, is a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified diabetes educator. She has worked in the nutrition and culinary field for more than 15 years and is passionate about good food and the healing ability of good nutrition. 

Her background includes providing medical nutrition therapy (MNT) in a hospital and community setting for groups and individuals. She also has experience as an adjunct nutrition professor, culinary instructor, diabetes educator, and clinical sales specialist. 

A nutritionist can give you tools to help treat or improve:white heart beat.png

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Mental Health
  • Food Relationships
  • Food Allergies and Sensitivies
  • And More!

Services offered:2021-09-20 Cooking Class 03 small.jpg

  • Pediatric Nutrition Education
  • Adult Nutrition Education
  • One-on-One Nutrition Counseling
  • Nutrition Education Classes
  • Children’s Healthy Cooking Class, provided to the community free through  the support of Corsini and Brantner Families.

Individual Counseling in Bristol, Hartford, New Britain, and Waterbury

During an individual appointment, Jessica and her patients review food intake and eating habits, physical activity, social activity, medical conditions, and medications. Based on this information, patients receive eating guidelines to suit their health and behavioral health conditions as well their lifestyle.

Group Counseling also is available. Call for a schedule.

To be eligible for services, individuals must be receiving primary care at
Wheeler Health.

To learn more, call Wheeler’s Navigation Center
860.793.3500, or contact
Jessica Masterson

Email Jessica or call at 959.282.2435 for more information about our cooking class.

 Click Here to View Past Virtual Cooking Classes

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Free Healthy Family Recipes


Kids can help measure and combine ingredients. They will also have fun shaping the loaves. Once the cookies have cooled after slicing, allow the kids to place them back on the cookie sheet. Let them dip the cookies into melted chocolate and add embellishments like sprinkles or chopped nuts. Click HERE for the recipe.


Kids can mix the tomato mixture once an adult has helped to chop the peppers and tomatoes. They can easily prepare the ricotta mixture. Allow them to rub the toasted slices of bread with garlic and let them get creative distributing the ricotta and tomato mixture on to the bread slices. Click HERE for the recipe.


Kids will have fun tearing the kale into bite-size pieces. Allow the kids to shake the dressing in a mason jar or mix in a bowl. Click HERE for the recipe.


Kids can make this recipe on their own once the fruit is washed and cut. Older children can help prepare the fruit. Let kids come up with their own flavor combinations by setting up a "taco" bar. Click HERE for the recipe.

NBC Connecticut Covered Our First Toddler Nutrition Class on March 12. Watch and listen below. Online text news story here.

On April 9, the cooking demonstration focused on kid-friendly breakfast ideas that children can help make, and the educational talk will be the dreaded topic so many parents struggle with: what to do if your child is a picky eater!

  • Supervised kids' activities for children are provided
  • A free gift is available for all participants after every class
  • Anyone attending three classes can receive a $50 grocery store gift card

Pre-registration is not required, but strongly recommended by RSVPing to Jessica Masterson at

Wheeler's nutrition programs help patients and the community fight chronic disease and achieve wellness through consultation, education, and individual counseling for children, adults, and families, focusing on how healthy diet can address:

  • Feeding issues
  • Failure to thrive
  • Medical nutrition therapy for HIV/AIDS
  • Weight concerns
  • Diabetes
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Sports nutrition
  • Digestive disorders
  • Food allergies
  • And more!


Wheeler’s Family Health & Wellness Center is a community health center that provides medical and dental care for the whole family, as well as behavioral health care and a range of alternative and complementary medicine such as chiropractic care and more. Our doctors, medical assistants, clinicians, counselors, and care facilitators work side-by-side as a team to meet your complete health care needs, in one location.

News from Wheeler's Registered Nutritionist

We all know Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) can be a game-changer for weight management and chronic disease control. But did you know it offers a treasure trove of benefits that extend far beyond the typical reasons people seek it out? As a registered dietitian, I am here to shed light on the hidden gems of nutrition education.
Fiber is an underappreciated super food. Not only does fiber aid in digestion and gastrointestinal health, it is also linked with reducing the risk of developing chronic disease, assist in weight loss, and help lower blood sugar.
As the temperature and humidity drops, viruses may spread more easily. Having a strong immune system can keep you feeling good all winter. Learn several lifestyle factors that can help to keep your immune system strong.
Looking to add some variety and flavor to your meals? Take a walk down the spice aisle at your favorite grocery store! Trying different herbs and spices is a great way to introduce new flavors and maybe even boost the nutritional benefit of some of your dishes. A spice is the seed of a plant and can be used whole or ground. An herb is a flower or leaf and can often be found fresh or dried.
June is strawberry season, a favorite time of the year for many New Englanders. This is a great time to increase your fruit and veggie intake. First, because produce may be a little less expensive when in season, and second because produce tastes better when in season!
With food costs rising, healthy eating can be more difficult, and the last thing you want to do is throw food away. Jessica Masterson, RDN, CDN, CDCES, Wheeler's registered dietitian nutritionist, shares tips on how to reduce food waste.
Nutrition is the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. It is also science that interprets the interaction of nutrients and other substances in food in relation to maintenance, growth, reproduction, health, and disease of an organism.
February is Heart Health Month. Heart disease is the cause of 1 in 3 deaths in the United States, and more than 800,000 people die of cardiovascular disease ever year. To reduce your risk of heart disease, it is recommended you follow a heart-healthy diet, exercise, manage stress, do not smoke, and talk to your doctor about your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels.
A new year is not the only time to focus on getting healthy, but it is just as good as any. If you have been sticking to your resolutions so far this year, great work! If you have not been as successful as you planned, consider revising your goals. Instead of setting huge goals, which may be difficult to stick with, try setting smaller goals.
When it comes to the holidays, it is important to enjoy the foods you love, like cookies, and continue family traditions. Not every food or recipe needs to be modified to make it “healthier.” I would not recommend you alter your great aunt’s sugar cookie recipe, but if you are looking for a few more health-conscious options to add to your cookie tray this year, below are some great ideas. See the recipes for additional nutrition benefits and tips for cooking with kids.
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