Wheeler's Child & Adolescent Center of Excellence

Wheeler’s Child and Adolescent Center of Excellence builds on nearly 50 years of expertise. We provide pediatrics, dental care, and behavioral health care for infants, children, adolescents and young adults through a comprehensive continuum of services available in your home, at a convenient Wheeler location, or at a school-based health center.

Our services for children and adolescents include early childhood programs like outpatient and in-home behavioral health services, special education and evaluation and assessment, foster care, prevention and wellness programs, and much more.

We draw the core principles of our Centers of Excellence from the standards established by the National Council on Behavioral Health to promote excellence in behavioral health care and treatment:

  • cutting-edge clinical innovation through evidence-based practices;
  • world-class customer care;
  • easy access to services;
  • culturally, gender-, and age-responsive care;
  • excellent outcomes; and
  • high customer satisfaction.

Our Child & Adolescent Center of Excellence is available to you and your family where and when you need it. We provide many levels of care, including programs that provide support in your home, to meet your family’s needs.

Our outpatient services are conveniently located to best serve the needs of consumers and families. We serve families in the neighborhoods, cities and towns that most need accessible and affordable care.

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