Current Trends Course Syllabus


This 3-credit, full semester course is designed for graduate students in Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychology and Counseling. The course will provide an introduction to definitions and competencies connected with “Evidence-Based Practice” (EBP) and an overview of the history, theoretical foundations, and implementation of several nationally (and internationally) acclaimed evidence-based in-home family treatment models, as well as a few of Connecticut’s “home-grown” promising practices.

Over the course of the semester, students will receive didactic training in the theory and practice of these treatment models, and hands-on training exercises to demonstrate the use of some of the specific treatment tools that are utilized within the models. Didactic Presentation and Discussions will be supplemented by case presentations from local providers of several of the models and by testimonials from families who have received in-home services.

Students completing the course will be able to distinguish between the different models, and have an understanding of the shared core competencies for home-based family therapists, as well as an understanding of evidence-based practice.

Download the syllabus for "Current Trends in Family Intervention: Evidence-Based and Promised Practice Models of In-Home Treatment in Connecticut."

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