Board of Trustees

  • Mary Rodier, CPA, Chair
    • Retired
    • Committees: Executive, Audit, Development, Governance, Retirement Plan Administration, Planning and Merger/Acquisition, and Quality
    • "The work Wheeler does is vital to the communities it serves. Serving on the Wheeler Board of Trustees enables me to help Wheeler achieve its mission.”
  • Charles J. Herbert, CFP, Vice Chair
    • Bradley, Foster & Sargent, Inc.
    • Committees: Executive, Finance, Retirement Plan Administration
    • "Wheeler is an exceptionally well-run organization that provides services to some of our most vulnerable citizens. Direct government support has been declining for decades and it is up to organizations like Wheeler, and other nonprofits, to pick up the slack in mental health care services.

      I believe deeply in service to my community as an inherent responsibility. Supporting Wheeler as a trustee helps make the difference in thousands of CT lives."
  • Rachel Tressy, CPA, Treasurer
    • Voya Financial
    • Committees: Audit, Executive, Quality
    • "I appreciate the opportunity to support an organization that does so much to support the whole being of the people it serves."
  • Julie Vigil, MS, MPH, CHC, CHRC, FACHE, Secretary 
    • Connecticut Department of Public Health
    • Committees: Executive, Governance, Quality
    • "As a former employee of Wheeler Clinic (I worked 8 years in the Front Office at Northwest Village School) I understand the importance of providing quality services to underserved populations. Wheeler’s mission to provide equitable access to innovative care is an area that I feel strongly that many of the citizens of the state of Connecticut are still lacking access. I am excited to serve as a Board of Trustee for an organization whose mission it is to close those gaps."




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