Evaluation and Assessment

Wheeler offers evaluation and assessment services to assist with educational placement decisions and identify programs that meet students' needs.

Diagnostic Assessment and Referral Team (DART)

Wheeler’s Diagnostic Assessment and Referral Team (DART) provides effective and practical answers to referral questions involving complex diagnostic, programming and placement decisions. The team provides specific recommendations regarding strategies and approaches to help children and youth succeed in least restrictive treatment or educational environments.

The cornerstone of our program is the DART evaluation, a customized, integrated, multidisciplinary evaluation for children who are experiencing complex psychiatric, behavioral, cognitive, social, emotional, and/or educational difficulties. The final report provides an integrated assessment of the child, addresses identified concerns, and provides recommendations to help the child achieve a greater sense of success in his/her overall functioning.

Diagnostic Educational Placement
Wheeler’s schools offer a collaborative approach to evaluate student needs. Diagnostic placement services, coupled with or without a DART evaluation, provide a short-term option to assess student needs and response to invention in a more structured academic environment. These placements provide school districts and families with an in-depth understanding of the child’s academic and/or clinical needs and make specific recommendations for academic programming and/or clinical treatment.

Consultation and Training
Wheeler’s team of professionals have expertise in many areas. The team is available to provide consultation and training with regard to mental health and special education programming for children with a wide variety of complex needs.

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