Autism Diagnostic Evaluation Program

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Wheeler’s autism diagnostic evaluation services are now available at our convenient locations at 91 Northwest Drive, Plainville, and 20 Tuttle Place, Middletown, for Medicaid-enrolled families.

Wheeler has extensive experience assessing the needs of children and young adults who demonstrate autism spectrum challenges. We have developed a multidisciplinary autism spectrum diagnostic evaluation and assessment program, specifically designed for children ages 3 and older.

Our multidisciplinary team approach involves a thorough assessment by:

  • psychologists
  • psychiatrists
  • social workers
  • medical staff
  • speech and occupational therapists
  • and others, as needed by the child’s family

"He finally feels like he belongs"


Many other Wheeler programs regularly assess and work with autism spectrum disorders, including:

Diagnostics Assessment and Referral Team (DART)
An integrated, multidisciplinary evaluation program for children aged three to twenty with behavioral, cognitive, social, emotion and/or education difficulties. Each evaluation is customized and provides a comprehensive overview of the child.
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Birth to Three
Multidisciplinary assessment and clinical intervention services to children from birth to three years old who have significant developmental delays. The program provides speech and language, occupational therapy, physical therapy, mental health and educational services.
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Northwest Village School
A private special education school for students from kindergarten through grade 12+. The school uses a transdisciplinary therapeutic-education model to provide mental health and education services to children with a variety of mental health challenges, often with learning, behavioral, social-emotional, developmental and cognitive challenges.
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Services at Northwest Village School include:

  • psychological testing
  • functional behavioral assessment
  • speech and language assessment
  • occupational assessment
  • achievement testing
  • individual, group and family therapies for mental health, speech and language and occupational therapy issues
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