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We provide addiction and behavioral health care for children, adolescents, adults and older adults through a comprehensive array of services available in your home or at a convenient Wheeler location, including...

Starting January 9, 2018, behavioral health services and substance abuse treatment will be offered through Wheeler's Family Health & Wellness Center,
43 Woodland Street, Hartford
Services are offered at other Central Connecticut locations as well.

For Adults

For Children


We draw the core principles of our Centers of Excellence from the standards established by the National Council on Behavioral Health to promote excellence in behavioral health care and treatment:

  • cutting-edge clinical innovation through evidence-based practices;
  • world-class customer care;
  • easy access to services;
  • culturally, gender-, and age-responsive care;
  • excellent outcomes; and
  • high customer satisfaction.

Our Addiction Center of Excellence is available to you and your family where and when you need it. We provide many levels of care, including programs that provide support in your home, to meet your needs.

Excellence Matters: Addiction Innovation and Recovery

We know the numbers. The estimated annual cost of health care, lost productivity and crime due to addiction is $365 billion. Drug and alcohol abuse is linked to other serious health problems including cancer, heart disease and HIV/AIDS at an additional cost of $293 billion. Yet only 10 percent of individuals with a substance use disorder will receive treatment in any given year. Fewer than one-third of those who do get treatment receive care that is even minimally adequate.

We can change the story. Read more.

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