The Impact of Supporting Wheeler

Wheeler is making a difference in your hometown and across the state.

The quotes below are real, and so is the difference we make to individuals and families where you live. At a time when we see a 10% increase in demand for Wheeler’s services—when opioid addiction and overdose deaths have reached epidemic proportions—we face the constant realities of doing more with less.

"Wheeler saved my son’s life. We are beyond grateful."

Wheeler’s approach to whole-person health builds healthier tomorrows for the most vulnerable individuals in your community—and the need for integrated primary, behavioral health and addiction services has never been greater. Our commitment to providing equitable access to innovative care that improves health, recovery and growth at all stages of life remains steadfast.

“It was a blessing to be referred to Wheeler."

With Your Support Over the Last Year

  • We served individuals from more than 90% of Connecticut’s cities and towns.
  • We provided direct care to 23,247 individuals and families across Connecticut.
  • Our emergency mobile crisis intervention team provided 3,791 episodes of care, more than any other provider in the state.

"Wheeler Offers Hope"

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