Wheeler Health Connect FAQ

Q1: What is Wheeler Health Connect?
A1: Wheeler Health Connect is Wheeler’s new patient portal—a secure online website that provides you with convenient access to your personal health information.

Q2: How can I access Wheeler Health Connect?
A2: You can access Wheeler Health Connect through any personal computer, smartphone or tablet by clicking on the “Wheeler Health Connect” button at the top right of Wheeler’s website, www.wheelerclinic.org. You can also access Wheeler Health Connect directly here.

Q3: What are the benefits of using Wheeler Health Connect?
A3: Wheeler Health Connect helps you to take a more active role in your health care as well as your family’s care. This portal provides a safe place for you to view your health information, including lab and test results, as well as request appointments, appointment reminders and more. If there are questions regarding illness, medication side effects or other related issues, you should contact your provider by phone instead of using the portal.

Q4: Is my information secure?
A4: Information residing on Wheeler Health Connect is secure. Data travels via a secure private tunnel using Secure Socket Layer (SSL), ensuring that your data is encrypted. Your login occurs over SSL to make sure that your credentials also are encrypted.

Q5: How can I register for Wheeler Health Connect?
A5: If you choose to register for Wheeler Health Connect independently, you still will need to secure a PIN number from Wheeler in advance. When you arrive at the portal, 1) click on the “Create an Account” tab, 2) enter your PIN and last name to identify yourself, 3) provide a current email address, password and secret question-answers, and 4) click “Register” to complete the process.

Q6: How do I request an appointment through Wheeler Health Connect?
A6: There’s an “Appointment Requests” tab located in your record. Click on this tab, and follow the prompts to select your desired Wheeler location, type and date of appointment.

Q7: When can I expect to hear back from my provider or Wheeler administrative staff on appointment confirmations or other matters?
A7: You can expect to hear back within 24 business hours.

Q8: How far in advance can I schedule an appointment?
A8: Wheeler schedules appointments within 14 days from the time of request.

Q9: Can I request a prescription refill through the patient portal?
A9: No. Wheeler Health Connect does not offer refill requests. Please contact your pharmacy to request medication refills.

Q10: Can I communicate with my health care provider through Wheeler Health Connect?
A10: Questions for your health care provider will be navigated by our clinical support team. They will routinely check the portal and provide you with a response and/or next steps to assist you with your health care.

Q11: Can I print information from Wheeler Health Connect?
A11: Yes, you can print information from this portal.

Q12: Is online bill pay offered? How does this work?
A12: Wheeler Health Connect does not currently offer online bill pay.

Q13: Can I update my information in Wheeler Health Connect?
A13: You can update your demographic information, for example, your name, address and other contact information, as well as certain types of health information.

Q14: Can I update my insurance through Wheeler Health Connect?
A14: No. You cannot update your health insurance information through this portal. You may share updates to your insurance information with Wheeler Front Desk staff, or by calling the Navigation Center at 860.793.3588. For specific billing and insurance questions, please call 860.793.4209.

Q15: Can I fill out or send forms to my provider through Wheeler Health Connect?
A15: No. There are no forms residing on Wheeler Health Connect at this time.

Q16: What should I do if I see a discrepancy in my chart?
A16: If you see a discrepancy in your chart and need clarification, you may direct your inquiry to your clinician. To submit a request to have documentation in your records changed, please contact Wheeler’s Central Records Department at 860.793.3843.

Q17: Can I have one portal account for my entire family?
A17: No, each individual must have their own account. However, you can create your own account and link to your child’s account if your child is 12 years or younger. Once your child reaches the age of 13, he/she must have their own account.

Q18: How can I link to my child’s health information through Wheeler Health Connect?
A18: Wheeler provide you with a PIN to link to the child or dependent’s account.

Q19: Why are children allowed to have their own account by age 13?
A19: Due to state and federal privacy laws and protections on certain types of health information for minors, Wheeler grants children ages 13 through 17 with their own portal access. If the child wishes to provide their parent or another individual with access to their portal, they may do so on their own. Once the child turns 13, the parent’s proxy account will be de-activated in order to protect the minor’s health information.

Q20: Can I link Wheeler Health Connect with other health/patient portals that I have?
A20: At this time, Wheeler Health Connect cannot be linked with other patient portals.

Q21: Can I ask emergency-related questions through Wheeler Health Connect?
A21: Wheeler Health Connect should never be used to discuss or report a life-threatening or urgent medical condition. If you are experiencing an emergency, or are in crisis, please call 9-1-1 to request immediate assistance.

Q22: Where do I turn for technical questions and assistance?
A22: You can contact the Navigation Center at 800.793.3588 or ask our Front Desk staff. If there is a technical issue, our staff will route inquiries to Wheeler’s IT Department.

Q23: How do I log out?
A23: Click on the logout button at the top of your portal page, or close your Internet browser.

Q24: How do I cancel my patient portal?
A24: Please contact the Navigation Center at 888.793.3500, or ask our Front Desk staff.

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