Wheeler's Centers of Excellence

We draw the core principles of our Centers of Excellence from the standards established by the National Council on Behavioral Health to promote excellence in behavioral health care and treatment.

Cutting-edge clinical innovation through evidence-based practices

Wheeler is leading the way in the transformation of health care delivery. We find and develop the most effective, innovative models of care to help you and your family achieve the best outcomes in recovery. We share what we learn in practice across Connecticut, throughout the New England region and in national arenas through new model research and development, participation in national forums, and by enhancing training programs for future therapists. We have earned accreditation from The Joint Commission—the gold standard of behavioral health care—and we build quality into every aspect of our organization, programs and services.

Our services incorporate a broad range of evidence-based practices demonstrated to be safe, effective and, most importantly, supported by extensive research. We employ these approaches to care with extensive quality assurance practices in place to make sure your needs are met in the most effective way possible. We take your unique strengths and needs into account to ensure your care reflects the influence of your family’s culture, history and experiences.

“Your staff was a lifeline, providing us with guidance and support.”
- Wheeler consumer testimonial

World-class customer care and high customer satisfaction

You expect and deserve high-quality care, and our consumers routinely express satisfaction with our services. Just a few examples:

  • 99% of parents and 97% of children served indicated that they liked the services they/their child received at Wheeler’s Children’s Outpatient services.
  • 96% of Adult Outpatient consumers indicated that they felt comfortable asking questions about the services they receive.
  • 93% said they would refer a friend to Wheeler.
  • More than 85% of families receiving multidimensional family therapy reported that they liked the services offered, and more than 93% trusted their Wheeler staff.

Easy access to services

We understand that the best health care does not exist by appointment only, or only between the hours of 9 and 5. Wheeler has adapted to your needs by providing immediate access to care at our walk-in outpatient service sites, a navigation center to help you connect with the right care, an online patient portal to help you manage your services, and a wide range of in-home services. Our outpatient services are conveniently located to best serve the needs of consumers and families. We serve families in the neighborhoods, cities and towns that most need accessible and affordable care.

“You have helped us put the pieces
of our lives back together.”
- Wheeler consumer testimonial

Culturally, gender-, and age-responsive care

Wheeler therapists and clinicians take into account the needs of the individual, seen through a wide view that examines culture, history and experiences. We can see the results in our customer satisfaction data; for example, 97% of our Adult Outpatient Services and 99% of Children’s Outpatient clients indicated that they felt their Wheeler provider was sensitive to and respected their ethnic/cultural background. About 97 percent said that they felt respected personally.

Our array of services is as diverse as those we serve. We treat issues from the common cold to chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes. We help individuals and families across the lifespan recover from depression, anxiety, marital difficulties, and complex mental health and substance use disorders. We serve consumers with special needs, including anger management, gambling addiction, child and adolescent developmental issues, and more.

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