President and CEO Sabrina Trocchi Featured on University of Hartford Alumni Podcast

UHart to Hartford Alumni Episodes (link)

"Sabrina Trocchi, PhD, MPA '96, is the President and CEO of Wheeler, a community health center that provides healthcare, addiction treatment, behavioral health, special education, and many other services to patients across Connecticut. Born and raised in Hartford, Trocchi graduated from UHart with a master’s degree in public administration. Trocchi credits her time at the University of Hartford for giving her a foundation for her role as President and CEO of Wheeler by preparing her for nonprofit management and administration, as well as developing her leadership and management skills. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Trocchi and her team at Wheeler had to adapt quickly, with the help of telehealth services, to ensure that their patients get the proper care that they need. “I’m in absolute awe in what my staff has been able to accomplish in this very difficult year,” says Trocchi. “We’ve had so many challenges and in spite of all of that we continue to be there, we continue to deliver care, we continue to be responsive to our patients and to our communities.”"

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