The Benefits of Chiropractic Care, Especially Now

By Anthony Debe, DC
Wheeler Family Health & Wellness Centers, Hartford and Waterbury

During the winter months, especially, it is difficult to maintain modest levels of physical activity. With the exception of selected winter activities, including hiking, skiing and others, most of us are confined to the indoors. The COVID-19 pandemic has made physical activity even more challenging because people are staying inside for prolonged periods, and many do not leave their homes for work. Sitting all day, in front of a computer or laptop in less-than-ergonomically ideal conditions, can be extremely damaging for the back and neck, especially over a long period.

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If you notice changes in your body, and your pain levels start to increase, it is best to get the pain evaluated and treated as soon as possible to avoid a severe episode. Utilizing treatment, including patient education for ergonomic home work stations, postural exercises to improve and maintain healthy posture, and a simple at-home exercise regimen, can go a long way to preventing or addressing increased pain and discomfort while at home.

Real Benefits
Among the most common benefits of chiropractic care are reduced pain levels and increased range of motion in your back, neck, and other joints of the body such as knees and shoulders. Decreased frequency or elimination of headaches also is very common. Reduced muscle tension or muscle spasm is another great benefit of care. Inflammation levels, especially after an accident or injury, can be greatly reduced or eliminated through chiropractic treatments. With targeted stretches and exercises, you can work to improve posture and strengthen key muscles to help prevent aches and pains from returning.

Real Results
After receiving chiropractic treatment, many patients report they are able to resume activities they had to stop or were limited in because of their pain levels. Some have worked while in pain and no longer have to do this following care. Aside from back and joint pain, some patients have found relief from debilitating headaches and are now better able to perform their daily activities. Many patients are able to return to hobbies they may have enjoyed prior to their episode of pain, from sports and exercising, to working around the house or in the yard, or other tasks, which may too demanding on the body while suffering from pain.

Myths and Facts
Chiropractic care and its benefits are often misunderstood. Here are common misconceptions and related facts.

  • Once patients start care they will always need care. This idea is untrue. In fact, the goal of chiropractic treatment is always to increase patient independence so they do not have to rely on constant care. We also work directly with other providers to enable less or no reliance on medications when appropriate.
  • Chiropractors are not real doctors. Doctors of chiropractic are not medical doctors (MDs), but they are doctorate-level professionals with comparable amounts of education, training, and licensing. Chiropractors, like dentists or podiatrists, specialize in a specific area of expertise.

  • Chiropractic treatment hurts or is dangerous. Medical research shows that chiropractic care is a safe and effective option for various conditions. It is only utilized after a thorough evaluation is performed, and when it is deemed by the provider to be an appropriate option for care and the patient fully understands and elects to start treatment. Every effort is made to ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible. Treatment is not “one size fits all.”

High-Quality Care
Like all medical care, chiropractic care continues to evolve following the highest quality research to provide patients with the most efficient treatment plans. At Wheeler’s Family Health & Wellness Centers at 855 Lakewood Road, Waterbury, and 43 Woodland Street, Hartford, our hands-on care follows established guidelines to provide the best results.

Integrated care through our community health centers also facilitates direct communication with your chiropractor and other providers. When referrals are necessary, your chiropractor sends a referral to an appropriate provider and communicates with the new provider to give them a complete picture of your condition and will follow-up to make sure you receive the care you need.

Chiropractic Care During COVID-19
During this challenging time, chiropractic care is delivered safely through our community health centers in Waterbury and Hartford. Proper protective equipment, including masks and face shields, are always used during care, and the environment of care is continuously sanitized. Even though chiropractic treatment relies primarily on in-person visits due to the nature of the care, other Wheeler providers who are able to work remotely are largely doing so at this time to reduce foot traffic in the building and the number of people in our waiting rooms.

For information about chiropractic services through Wheeler’s community health centers in Waterbury and Hartford, call Wheeler’s Navigation Center at 888.793.3500.

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